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Explore the Point Where Quality Meets Innovation. Join Four Steels to Experience the Steel Revolution!

Buy Premium Bronze Plates for Unmatched Quality

Our experts at Four Steels make bronze plates with alloys of metals such as zinc, magnesium, aluminum, nickel, and copper. We use them to make musical instruments, jewelry, and sculptures. Bronze is a highly recommended option for sheet metal because of its advantages.

The metals used in bronze alloys make it more demanding and powerful than simple copper. Bronze provides better corrosion and fatigue resistance than many other metals. That is why we make electricity and heat conductors at Four Steels with bronze metal. When we polish it, its unique shining color makes it eye-catching for the lover of aesthetics. You can contact our customer support team for customization in design and thickness.

How do we make Aluminum Bronze Plates?

Our aluminum bronze alloys are part of copper-based alloys that use iron and nickel in their chemistry but rely on aluminum as the primary alloying element. Aluminum significantly increases strength to the extent that it is similar to medium-carbon steel.

Our professional team makes it in two main parts: aluminum copper and nickel aluminum copper. Aluminum copper is 9-14% aluminum and 4% iron, while nickel aluminum copper is 9-11% aluminum, 4% iron and 5% nickel. Adding nickel to the latter type increases the material’s corrosion resistance, which is more robust in this type.

Come and Enjoy a Mega Sale on All Bronze Items

We offer a mega sale on all products for a limited time, so contact us as soon as possible and avail this mega discount for your products. You can get further details about our sale from our customer support contact numbers.

Crafted for Commercial Use

We at Four Steels design bronze for commercial purposes. Our bronze plates are used in many applications, some common, others not. Our main focused bronze products are below, and you can buy them at any time just on one call.

Electrical component

We make these electrical components, Cabel Covers, AC Motors, and waveguides using bronze plates.

Industrial Uses

Four Steels craft flexible tubes, studs, glass enamel, escutcheons, and screen wire in bronze metal.

Cosmetic Products

We provide bronze for making Lipstick covers, Jewelry, caskets, ballpoints, and chain links.


Screws, line clamps, bullets, and rivets are the basic things from this field that are designed by our metals.


Many companies design Pipes, valves, fitting instruments, and joints using four steels bronze.

Building and automobile Uses

Kick plates, hardware, etching, grillwork, screen cloth, decorative trim, and weather-stripping are a few basic uses of bronze in the building and automobile field.

Armed forces weapons

It is another sector where our bronze makes items and arms such as Small Arms Cartridges, Artillery Projectile Rotating Bands, Primer Caps, and Press Fits.

Custom Size Bronze Plates

What if your bronze plate doesn’t fit a standard plate size?

This is where the expertise of Four Steels professionals comes in. We are equipped with various plate saws, both band and circular. With these powerful machines and our staff of highly trained employees, we can cut bronze plates to the exact size you need. This reduces machine time and scrap loss and helps you stay profitable and competitive.

Four Steels can cast custom-sized bronze plates directly from our mill. Our long association with the top bronze mills gives us the means and knowledge to cast almost any shape or size in almost any alloy.

Our Company Specifications

Above, we discuss bronze metal plates widely; you will understand the concept of bronze metals. Now it is time to know why you should choose us when you buy aluminum bronze plates. Some specialties that stand us out of the crowd will be discussed below. Just continue your reading.

Accuracy in every Plate

We make each plate accurate in size, thickness, and polish. We follow standard country rules for crafting metal Sheet Plates. Our firm never compromises on quality. The focus goal to buy aluminum bronze plates for any project is always fulfilled at this station.

Customer Support Services

Our firm provides full customer support. Our phone number and email are available on this website. Anyone can contact us and get details of about metal plates. We are available to answer the customer queries.

Easy Method of Order Placing

Ordering a product always matters after quality. Some companies provide quality, but their order method needs to be simplified and sometimes needs some credentials details. But our order process is very smooth, and anyone can place an order just by a call and buy aluminum bronze plates by visiting our office. Or if someone wants to place an order on the website. He can visit the “Get In Touch” tap and place an order with simple steps.

Privacy of Your Transaction and Plans

We always take care of clients’ information security. We never share any details about our customers and their projects with unauthorized people. Our company employees even do not have access to complete customer details.

Bronze Plates
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